regarding those bad days

burn after use

Today wasn’t the best writing day. In the week and a half since starting this new project, today was certainly the worst day by far I’ve had in terms of actually writing it. But I’ve learned in recent months to take that fact with a grain of salt. It’s not that I didn’t write at all. I wrote. I managed to squeak out a little over 700 words when other days I’ve been securing 1,000+. It’s just that today I wasn’t feeling the words. It’s a thing I’ve dealt with before. A thing I used to let derail me so long I would drop myself right in a funk of epic proportions. Not anymore. Well, not if I let it.

What I wrote was also part of the dreaded Chapter 2, which most writers (published and not published) know and will tell you, is the Devil incarnate.

Second chapters fill the void between the kick off (Chapter 1) and the real take off of the story (Chapter 3, onward). It may not necessarily reveal secrets or set characters embarking on soul searching journeys, but it is a vital part of the story. And one of the hardest to get right. So, after those grueling 700 words written today, I saved the chapter (gaps included) and moved on to jotting notes for future projects I have brewing as well as notes for the next chapter.

Because even on my bad writing days, something came out. Something will always come out. Whether it’s a chapter, a paragraph, dialogue, notes, a blog post, or a journal entry. No matter what you write on those awful days, remember (as I often have to remind myself): it’s only one bad day. Let it bother you. Let it frustrate you. But tomorrow, let it leave you.

On a happier and more magical note: Happy Birthday Harry! Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling! I hope everyone is enjoying The Cursed Child. My copy hasn’t arrived yet, but when it does I cannot wait to continue the journey and share, once more, my love of this story with other passionate fans and friends.


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