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into the darkness on we ride

Perfect near fatal headlong dive
A blueprint for life
Blueprint your life
Aggressively primal
Cultural high
This mental versailles
Is much grander than the lies
You tell yourself to get through the night
Sentenced to drama for life


when the ashes hit the ground

Can you see my scars
Can you feel my heart
This is all of me for all of the world to see
So who’s it gonna be
The one that you only need
I gave it all
And all you gave was sweet misery

you’ll come round and be human again

This song could have not come at a better time. Perfection in lyrics and melody.

I know that it’s been rough
It shows in your reflection
You’ve fallen out of touch
Got lost along the way
I know it’s not enough
But these things they all get better
And even if its tough

This is us, you know it on the inside
This is us, so you should show it on the outside
This is us, dust the dust up off your shoulders
Feet on ground, you’ll come round
And be human again