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regarding those bad days

burn after use

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there is no me without you

What do you take me for?
Don’t you see the tears in my eyes?
I’ve bled for you
Cried for you
And you laughed at my scars
Do you expect me to apologize?
Do you expect me to beg?
Forgive me if I flip you off
and leave without a word
I’m fine on my own
I don’t need your false love
But I smile
When your screams echo at dawn,
“There is no me without you!”

the darkness of my mind

My faults are my own
They will forever be cruel
Shoving me into oblivion
Do not follow
I would never wish this for you
Let me sink
No matter how far I fall
I still see your face
On the edge
You wait
Do not jump in after me
Just be there with open arms
I’ll resurface in time
Knowing that you are there
I always will