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“to put friendship ahead of all other human concerns”

26118005Grady Hendrix gets it. If you’re wondering what it is he gets, I’m about to tell you. He gets the female mind. Gets the traumatic teen years and what it means to carry it with you into adulthood. Just like he got the soul sucking trauma of the retail workplace with his horror novel, Horrorstor, the one I tell people is like Superstore meets Hell House. His latest novel, My Best Friend’s Exorcism, (out now) could quite easily be pitched as Mean Girls meets The Exorcist.

Abby and Gretchen are best friends living in Charleston, South Carolina in 1988. Sophomores at a prestigious Catholic high school, they—together with their friends, Margaret and Glee—are all about good grades, good music, and a good time. One such good time includes dropping a little acid at a sleepover. The drug induced hang out leads Gretchen to jump into the lake naked. When she doesn’t resurface, the girls begin to panic, but Gretchen is ultimately found, shaken but otherwise okay. Hoping to write the night off as a bad trip, Abby promises Gretchen everything will be fine. But as the days move forward it becomes clear that is not the case.

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